Cheeky Parade


Handshake meeting will be held at "iDOL Street Excellent Street Performance ~ Exploring and discovering street" on Friday, November 14th.
【stage member decided 】 At Resort stage in a-nation island resort area [Iron Karaoke man stage "SUPER ☆ GiRLS" vs "Cheeky Parade" vs "GEM" Karaoke Battle between idol teams ]
The first ever solo live show “The First” (March 22, 2013 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball will be released as a LIVE DVD and Blu-ray on August 6.
All members of iDOL Street gather! Behind the scenes stream of the Idol Street Carnival on NicoNico Live / uStream!
『NYLON JAPAN Special Edition★iDOL Street SPECIAL FASHION BOOK』will be on sale!
Celebrate the sale of "Together"! Additional Sale for "The Day You Get Together with Chikipa and Enjoy"!!
HMV & Cheeky Parade Special Collaboration Poster [the music & IDOL master] Edition 2 CONFIRMED!
Mini Album "Together" will be distributed on iTunes prior to the sale on 6/18!
They are appearing in medium in Hokkaido!
"Fly Higher" was selected as the ending theme of the Tele Tama's "LIONS HOUR" and "LIONS CHANNEL" from June!
Radio Berry (FM Tochigi)"Together" was chosen as the Power Play "B-HOT" for the month!
Starting Tuesday, June 3rd, the advanced lottery for reservation entry will be open for additional performance of [Cheeky Parade【NINE LIVES TOUR- Cheeky Parade NATSUMATSURI-】 S.P.C!!!
The advance order for Mini Album "Together" starts on iTunes Store on 6/4 (Wed) !
Cheeky Parade [NINE LIVES TOUR--ROAD TO NY--] We'll present you a card with hand written messages from members at Sapporo SPACE ART STUDIO from May 31st to June 1st!
Celebrate the sale of "Together"! Additional Sale for "The Day You Get Together with Chikipa and Enjoy"!!
"Cheeky Parade Style Field Trip ~How was New York?~" tour!
Cheeky Parade【NINE LIVES TOUR~ROAD TO NY~】 Regarding the Hokkaido concert
Tickets now on sale for NINE LIVES TOUR in Shizuoka, Hiroshima, and Nagoya!
B.L.T.'s popular goods 『iDOL Street version』 Major Ver! Let us Together with Cheeky Parade!