2012年2月19日 avexのアイドル専用レーベル「iDOL Street」の第2弾アーティストとして結成された9人組アイドルユニット。 通称「チキパ」。
2013年1月9日に1stシングル「BUNBUN NINE9'」でメジャーデビューを果たし、オリコンウィークリーチャート4位を獲得!4月10日にリリースされた2ndシングル「C.P.U !?」では5位。さらに3rdシングル「無限大少女∀」では4位を獲得と三作連続TOP5入りで大躍進中。
●Cheeky Parade
Cheeky Parade is an idol group consisting of 9 girls. They were formed on February 19th 2012 as the second artist from avex idol label, “iDOL Street.” The group name means “Cheeky=saucy, rambunctious” + “Parade=entertainment parade.”
Cheeky Parade debuted with their 1st single “BUNBUN NINE9'” on January 9th 2013. It ranked #4 on the Oricon weekly chart! The 2nd single “C.P.U !?,” released on April 10th, ranked #5 and the 3rd single “Mugendai Shoujo ∀” ranked #4. Their first three singles all reached the top 5 on the charts.
They pursue their own unique music and character  in order to become an idol group like no other.